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  • Pascal Hermant


The COVID-19 Pandemic and the resulting measures of social distancing confront sales leaders with huge challenges: both on human aspects and in terms of adapting the sales system!

Nevertheless, this situation might also give you the opportunity to not only strengthen customer relationships but also to enhance team dynamics and to further develop sales effectiveness.

For the next weeks or months, sales activities will change massively. On the one hand the means of customer interaction will be limited due to travel restrictions, while on the other hand existing customers will need “intensive care” to keep their business running.

Together with the disturbance or even disruption of supply chains (incl. services) and high volatility of demand it is obvious that there can be no business as usual in the coming weeks, if not months.

Therefore, it is now a matter of supporting your customers in the best possible way and keeping the sales team motivated.

From our point of view, the following four tasks are the most important:

  • Redefine your short-term goals and keep your sales team motivated.

  • Actively and intensively take care of your customers

  • Adapt your management rituals to the situation

  • Prepare for intensification of sales activities after the crisis

Read our guide to find out how this can be done in detail - download here.

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